Just Say No

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam conducted a study of 50 boys and 49 young adult men diagnosed with ADHD.

All patients were medication-naïve, meaning they had never received MPH prior to the study.

Study senior author Dr Liesbeth Reneman said: ‘We are the first to study medication-naïve patients in this context.’

She added that this ‘is crucial if you want to know how ADHD medications affect the developing brain’.

Patients received either MPH or a placebo for 16 weeks. Before and one week after treatment, the participants had an MRI scan.

The MRI measured fractional anisotropy (FA), which is used to assess the quality and composition of white matter.

Boys had ‘increased white matter FA’ after four months of treatment with MPH, which indicates MPH affects white matter maturation, the authors said.

But they are not sure whether high FA has good or bad implications and whether they are reversible.

No changes were seen in the adults, according to the findings published in the journal Radiology.

Common side effects of Ritalin include:

sleep problems (insomnia),
stomach pain,
loss of appetite,
weight loss,
vision problems,
increased heart rate,
increased blood pressure,
skin rash,
psychosis, and
tingling, or
cold feeling in your hands or feet.

Does this sound like a drug that should be given to children? As young as the age of three or four?

Ned Hallowell for 20 years said it was incredibly safe and safer than Aspirin. He refused to take it himself for his “ADHD”. He says he can’t take it.

“Dr” Jeffrey Katz of Virginia Beach told Richard Fee’s grieving parents it is innocuous.

Of course Ritalin and Adderall are.

And why? Because of a fake disorder called ADHD which has evolved from 3% of the population having it, kids who are uncontrollable, can’t sleep, are genuinely hyperactive and can’t remain seated or concentrate on anything, as it was termed in 1980, to the criteria being loosened in 1987 and again in 1994, and now it has finished off with “Dr” Ned Hallowell telling random strangers they have ADHD on TV shows, with pharma backed TV celebrities alongside him and dumb TV shows in awe of his “knowledge” and “insight” and a studio audience, who were possibly big pharma workers or actors lapping up their bullshit. It’s ended up with people diagnosed in 29 questions and ending up going psychotic and hanging themselves. It’s ended up with students taking Adderall for fun, or to pass exams and ending up in rehab. It’s ended up with 30% of US boys in some states diagnosed and most given drugs like this. They are now trying to get another nonsense disorder, Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in the DSM. It probably will be in time. I also think they should put Nose Picking Disorder or Face Scratching Disorder in.

Around five per cent of children in the UK and US are believed to have ADHD. Even though in the US the diagnosis rate is an average of 11%, 15, 20%, even 30% in some states. In Canada it is 9% of children. Despite the DSM saying 5% of children should have it and Keith Conners, who designed the Conners rating scale, 2-3%

Russell Barkley says once somebody is diagnosed with ADHD there is no compelling reason for them not to be taking Ritalin or Adderall and they should be on it unless there is a positive and overwhelming case for them not to be so.

I took the ADD website quiz about having ADHD and I got “ADHD likely”.
I took a Canadian website of repute quiz and I got ADHD possible.
I took a reputable UK website and I got “ADHD unlikely”.

What’s going on?

And the Canadian and UK websites themselves were fairly dumb.

ADHD – Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity can be real problems. Of course they can be. So can boring teachers, crowded classrooms, stress, abuse, anxiety, bullying, lack of recess time, SPD, learning disabilities, Autism, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, bad diet, drug abuse, lack of interest in academic subjects. These are the root causes of these symptoms. Does it makes any sense to conceptualize this loose cluster of vaguely-defined problems as an illness? How many kids aren’t inattentive or impulsive. For God’s sake what do they want? Zombie kids? It is not a chemical imbalance. No matter what CHADD tells you. No matter what Russell Big Pharma Barkley tells you. Or anybody else. It does not exist. Period.

There is no brain scan or blood test that confirms it. So one person might say you have ADHD. Another not. According to the DSM alone I’ve got ADHD, OCD, ODD, Major Depression and about 10 other disorders.

We now have ADHD, ADHD Pi, ADHD ring of fire, ADHD inattentive, ADHD, temporal lobe, overfocused ADHD, Anxious ADHD, my ADHD is better than his ADHD, underfocused ADHD, blockbuster ADHD, too much ADHD, even more ADHD than before.

If Johnny Cash was alive now he could have been on TV singing “I fell into an ADHD ring of fire, I couldn’t pay attention in class and was likely and active, and my grades went down down down, into a ring of fire, a ring of fire, I was diagnosed with ADHD on the Revolution in six questions, I was addicted to Adderall, my blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature went higher, higher, higher, ring of fire, ring of fire, I fell into a burning ADHD ring of fire, and pharma’s and psychiatrists bank balance went higher and higher, Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire. I was taken into rehab three times and the stay went higher and higher, ring of fire”.

Type 3 Bipolar will be out in two years, then even more Bipolar, and even more Bipolar than that Bipolar, and then, the biggest and the best Bipolar ever, it is like a movie sequel. More than the National Lampoons.

Then it will be ODD, ODD part II, ODD part III, Disruptive ODD, bored ODD, inattentive ODD, angry ODD, daydream ODD, aggressive ODD, violent ODD, lazy ODD, dishonest ODD, silly ODD, the new ODD, immature ODD.

If you know the medical, ACTUAL facts that the drug companies are hiding from people on purpose, you also understand why these drugs should never, ever prescribed to anyone, especially to children. Countless clinical studies have shown over and over again, how these ADHD and ADD-meds are directly comparable to harmful stimulant street drugs such as amphetamine and cocaine. These psychiatric stimulant drugs are as equally addictive, damaging and dangerous as those street drugs.

Prescription drugs are the 3rd highest cause of death in the western world. Pharmaceutical companies want as many people on these neurotoxins, as they possibly can. They come up with new, pseudo-scientific diagnoses all the time, so that they could manufacture more toxic drugs for people to consume. I suggest that you folks do your research on things, educate yourselves. Open your eyes! Do you want your children to be addicted to brain damaging stimulants?

The effects of Ritalin don’t last very long in the body? That’s what the drug advocates say. That’s absolutely wrong. It’s incredibly disheartening that people are willing to drug their children in order to not face their irresponsibility as parents. They feel that it’s much easier to just stigmatize their child with a lifelong illness and then drug them senseless – denial is comfortable. Drugging should automatically qualify as child abuse.

Adderall is still taking amphetamines. Also the brain puts out specific chemicals in specific amounts in specific locations in the brain. So blanketing your brain with medication is kind of like opening the hood of your car and pouring oil all over it. Some of it will go in the right place, but most of it will go all over and do more harm than good.

They don’t even know why or how it works, and it doesn’t cure it or even help that much once you get used to the drugs.

Also its backed by a 15 billion dollar a year industry. Legal drug dealing.

It is a very sad world when people think kids behavior can be changed by giving them a pill and encouraging them to become drug addicts.

Very sad.

People are saying now is the time to curb the use of Ritalin.

I’d ban it.

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