How To Ensure Safety With Psychiatric Drug Use

How to Ensure Safety with Psychiatric (Psych) Drug Use:

D – Drug dependence can develop with psych drugs in as little as 4-6 weeks. Long-term use is ill advised and increases overall risk profile. If you feel worse or no different within a week, stop.

O – Overdose and neuro and excitotoxicity are easily achieved with psych drugs, especially when taken in combination with other drugs and/or alcohol.

Don’t drink while taking any psych drugs! Benzos, Stimulants, Anti-Depressants, SNRI’s or Anti-Psychotics.

N – NEVER cold-turkey off of any psych drug! Both suicidal and homicidal ideation can be exacerbated with abrupt discontinuation.

T – Titrate psych drugs slowly, in carefully measured doses, to discontinue use and help mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

D – Depersonalization and lack of impulse control are dangerous side effects and create additional risk to self and others. Report these symptoms to your doctor immediately!

O – Object to the drugging of children and the medicalization of maladaptive behaviors. Children are 3X as likely as adults to have adverse events on psych drugs.

I – Informed Consent to treatment can only be given with full disclosure of risk-to-benefit. Thoroughly research all drugs prior to filling the prescription.

T – Therapy, or just talking with a trusted friend, can significantly reduce depression, anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, without the risks of mind and mood altering pharmaceuticals.

Gwen Olsen 2019

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