Nazi Social Control

I see this as nothing Less than Nazi Style Social Control ….
With the purpose of ….
Creating Life Long Pawns for Profit ….
At the Expense of the Future of Our Nation by ….
Systematically Brainwashing Society ….
To see what as Always been Normal Childhood Behavior …..
As Incurable Mental Illnesses ….
That Requires Children to be Forcibly Drugged ….
With Objecting Parents Labeled as Bad, Neglectful and Abusive ….
With a Steadily Increasing Rate of ….
Parents being Charged With Child Neglect and ….
Having their Children Taken Away and Put in Foster Care ….
So that they can be Properly Drugged and Now ….
Not just for ADHD but with Several Other Psych Drugs for ….
Acting Like Children ….
Who Have Been Ripped Away From Their Parents Arms.
In a Just and Moral Society ….
The people doing these things to children would be ….
Locked Away to Protect Society ….
If Not Beaten or Killed by their Parents but …
Instead these Sadists are ….
Being give Bonuses, Promotions and Paid Vacations.
Big Pharmas Psych-Drug Lords and ….
Their Minions Implanted within Our Government ….
Have turned Child Protective Services and ….
Our Nations K-12 Education Systems into ….
The Most Sadistic, Prolific and Dangerous ….
Human Trafficking and Drug Dealing Organizations in the Nation
If these Drug Lords and their Minions all the way down to their ….
Street Level Dealers and Enforcers ….
Are Not Stopped and Held Criminally Accountable ….
Their Planned Covert Take-Over of Our Nation and the World ….
Will Succeed and Put and End to Free Will and Human Rights!

Society needs to Wake Up ….
From their Brainwashed Insanity Before It’s Too Late!!!
and ….
I’m Not ….
(Just Saying)


How Psychiatric Drugs Remodel Your Brain

“A lot of people, including healthcare practitioners; in fact, I guess, most people– are operating from entirely the wrong paradigm, or way of thinking, about these meds. They’re thinking of them like aspirin–as something that has an effect when it’s in your system, and then when it gets out of your system the effect goes away.”

“That’s not what happens with medications that alter neurotransmitter function, we are learning. What happens when you change the chemistry of the brain is, the brain adjusts its chemistry and structure to try to return to homeostasis, or biochemical and functional balance. It tries to restabilize the chemistry. For example: SSRI antidepressants work as “serotonin reuptake inhibitors.” That is, they cause serotonin to remain in the space between neurons, rather than being taken back up into the cells to be re-used, like it would be in a normal healthy nondrugged brain. So the brain, which wants to re-establish normal signaling and function, adapts to the higher level of serotonin between neurons (in the “synapse”, the space between neurons where signals get passed along).”

“It does this by removing serotonin receptors, so that the signal is reduced and changed to something closer to normal. It also decreases the amount of serotonin it produces overall. To do that, genes have to be turned on and off; new proteins have to be made; whole cascades of chemical reactions have to be changed, which means turning on and off OTHER genes; cells are destroyed, new cells are made; in other words, a complex physiologic remodeling takes place. This takes place over time. The brain does not grow and change rapidly. This is a vast oversimplification of the amount of adaptation that takes place in the brain when we change its normal chemistry, but that’s the principle.”

“When we stop taking the drug, we have a brain that has designed itself so that it works in the presence of the drug; now it can’t work properly without the drug because it’s designed itself so that the drug is part of its chemistry and structure. It’s like a plant that has grown on a trellis; you can’t just yank out the trellis and expect the plant to be okay. When the drug is removed, the remodeling process has to take place in reverse. SO–it’s not a matter of just getting the drug out of your system and moving on. If it were that simple, none of us would be here. It’s a matter of, as I describe it, having to grow a new brain. I believe this growing-a-new-brain happens throughout the taper process if the taper is slow enough. (If it’s too fast, then there’s not a lot of time for actually rebalancing things, and basically the brain is just pedaling fast trying to keep us alive.) It also continues to happen, probably for longer than the symptoms actually last, throughout the time of recovery after we are completely off the drug, which is why recovery takes so long.”

“With multiple drugs and a history of drug changes and cold turkeys, all of this becomes even more complicated. And if a person is started on these kinds of drugs at an early age before the brain has ever completely established normal mature functioning–well, it can’t be good. (All of which is why I recommend an extremely slow taper particularly to anyone with a multiple drug history, a history of many years on meds, a history of past cold turkeys or frequent med changes, and a history of being put on drugs at a young age.)”

“This isn’t intended to scare people, but hopefully to give you some idea of what’s happening, and to help you respect and understand the process so you can work with it; ALSO, because you are likely to encounter many, many people who still believe these drugs work kind of like aspirin, or a glass of wine, and all you need to do is stop and get it out of your system. Now you can explain to them that no, getting it out of your system is not the issue; the issue is, you need to regrow or remodel your brain. This is a long, slow poorly understood process and needs to be respected.

Follow Japan Not The USA

American politicians are notorious for spreading mass fear and panic about infectious disease outbreaks, which they routinely blame on unvaccinated people. But what these same Big Pharma puppets conveniently fail to mention is that in places like Japan, where vaccination is entirely optional, children are actually much healthier compared to anywhere else in the world.

Japan not only has the healthiest children on the planet, according to the latest metrics, but also the highest “healthy life expectancy” among all age groups. And at the very same time, Japan also has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire world, which suggests that getting vaccinated actually makes a person unhealthier in the long run.

In the United States, on the other hand, more young children are dying compared to any other industrialized country, including Japan.

More American children are dying at birth and in their first year of life compared to their counterparts living in any other country in the West – this, despite the fact that vaccination rates are increasing due to authoritarian mandates like those pushed by Richard Pan in California.

Of the American children that actually survive birth and make it past one year of age, more than half will develop at least one chronic illness throughout their lives – which isn’t the case in Japan, where chronic illness is a rarity. So it would appear as though getting vaccinated actually increases an infant’s risk of getting sick or dying, rather than the other way around.

“The U.S. government, in bed with Big Pharma, is sacrificing our children for profit,” writes Mac Slavo for”

Expose: Jeffrey Katz

This evil bastard is Jeffrey Katz. He is a Virginia Psychologist.


This his is Facebook page.

He played his part along with Russell Barkley in getting Gretchen LeFever Watson fired from her job after putting out a report that too many kids were diagnosed with ADHD and drugged. The amount was 15% and 83% drugged. Even some big pharma CEO’s might concede that was too high.

In October 2012, heartbroken Mr Rick Fee, and Mrs Kathy Fee went to an event in Virginia hosted by CHADD, who take thousands a year from big pharma, and who in 1996 tried to get Ritalin downgraded from schedule II to schedule III whilst being paid by big pharma to do so. They lobbied Washington and Congress to do that, and were only stopped when a journalist revealed this fact. Otherwise it is very likely it would have happened.

CHADD thanked Shire pharmaceuticals. The hour long movie casted “ADHD” as a humorous condition, afflicted spouses giggled about lost keys, lost belongings and forgotten appointments and being impatient in traffic jams. It deal with several “Myths” about Adderall and Ritalin.

Then it closed with Ned Hallowell, who else, saying the pills were safer than aspirin, were incredible safe, and it was unfortunate that all we hear about stimulant drugs is the risks and dangers and nothing about the good they do. Steven Kurtz praised them and Umesh Jain from Canada said “If you take them it is ok. There is nothing that is going to happen”.

Mr Fee seethed at every word. Then there was a Question and Answer session. Mr Fee asked Katz what would happen if a person was misdiagnosed with ADHD or faked ADHD to get drugs and they took Adderall. Katz looked at him and said “Not very much. It is pretty innocuous”.

If it is innocuous why is it a Schedule II drug like Cocaine?

Then he said “They might feel a bit more awake than usual but nothing else. It wouldn’t do anything for them though, so why would they take it?”.

Mr Fee trembled and his wife put her hand on his knee.

If I had lost my son in such tragic circumstances. I’d have got up, walked up to Katz, smashed him straight in the face full whack and said “I lost my son to those drugs you f**king lying bastard”.

He wouldn’t have found a few punches in the face from me innocuous.

Now Amphetamine Can’t Be Abused

An interview with William Dodson, Denver Psychiatrist.

Would you object to the statement that we’re re-engineering the personalities and behaviors of a percentage of our children in order to make them function better in our society?

WD: You present that as if it’s a bad thing.

Some people would say we should be leaving them alone–that we should be loving them and supporting them–but that to give them medications that alter their brains is dangerous; that we’re playing God; that we don’t know what we’re doing. We don’t know the cause of the disease, and we don’t know the effects and how the drugs work.

WD: We don’t know how the drugs do work, but we do know that they’re safe. Amphetamine was invented over 100 years ago. We have people who have taken amphetamine every day of their lives–usually for narcolepsy, but also for ADHD–for 60 years. We’ve had people who have taken Ritalin every day of their lives for 32 years with no adverse affects, and with lots of benefit.

Dodson also claims….

Many people mistake methamphetamine, which is a street drug and which has a powerful euphoric affect, for simple amphetamine, which doesn’t. Simple amphetamines, simple methylphenidate, do not have much abuse potential. They don’t produce a euphoric high. Other stimulants do. Cocaine does. Methamphetamine does. Ecstasy does. But these simple compounds, like simple amphetamines, simple methylphenidate, have very little abuse potential . . . .

I’d like to give Dodson Ritalin every day for 32 years and see how he gets on. I’d love to see that.

With some luck it might cause him to have a fatal heart attack. Or send him psychotic and he ends up being committed.

As you know very well my stance on the subject of “ADHD”. However, people with “ADHD” are also allegedly notorious pleasure seekers by nature so giving them prescription medication with narcotic qualities, schedule II drugs, Adderall, Ritalin, is the most counter productive thing you can possibly do for them! The drug advocates say they give them these drugs to stop them from becoming drug addicts!!!!

And when it comes to giving kids dangerous and addictive drugs to get better grades in school, then there is something, very very wrong with the education system, and human nature. When you are taking Adderall to get better and higher grades then you should get out of Education or College. And do something else instead.

This is an old rationalization promoted in various forms by psychs, neurologists, etc. They define the dangerous drugs as the addictive drugs, then add that by this they mean drugs that cause a pleasurable high by increasing Dopamine in the brain. When asked if psych drugs are addictive, they will say “no” if the drug doesn’t affect dopamine. They will call the drug “habit-forming,” but not “addictive.” For example, since Prozac mainly increases Serotonin in the brain, not Dopamine, it may be habit-forming, but is not addictive — that’s a principle to which psychs have held fast for over 20 years. So if you’re on a psych drug, and you can’t stop using it because you feel terrible when you try to stop, that (per psychiatry) is not addiction unless you feel terrible because you’ve lost your euphoric high. So if you feel bad because you feel suicidal or homicidal or deathly ill or whatever and feel, therefore, compelled to continue to take the drug, that’s because it’s habit-forming, but not addictive, and the dangerous drugs are the addictive ones. I heard a neurologist give all these justifications for psych drugs at least 20 years ago on an NPR program.

Similar reasoning led to the current opiate/heroin epidemic: The argument pushed by Purdue chemists and others was that if a person was taking opiates to handle actual pain, the pain and the euphoric high of the drug would cancel each other out, so that no addiction would result. Isn’t that interesting science? You’d think, wouldn’t you, that the presence of the pain would make the drug MORE addictive: The guy who stops taking heroin not only loses the high, but also feels all the pain anew, so it’s even MORE addictive. But the psychs aren’t looking at what actually HAPPENS. They construct a theory to make people feel it’s OK to use the drug.
(They constructed the theory to justify widespread use of Oxycontin and other pharmaceutical opiates, but their argument applied to heroin as well, so when people could no longer afford the Oxycontin (etc.), they shifted to the new, cheap heroin.)
Essentially, the shrinks were reclassifying heroin as “merely” habit forming, not “addictive,” when used to lessen pain.

Note: Both Serotonin and Dopamine are neurotransmitters — message carriers in the brain. There are over 1000 different neurotransmitters. When you take a drug, it may have effects on MANY of them, but last I checked, few studies had been done to determine ALL the effects of these drugs or which neurotransmitters are affected by each. The researchers find out just enough to “explain” why the drug “works” (e.g., an SSRI drug increases the available Serotonin in the brain), then look no further.

The fact is, most depressive patients do not have low levels of serotonin; some drugs that have nothing to do with serotonin or norepinephrine can alleviate depressive symptoms; some patients diagnosed with depressions actually have high extremely high levels of serotonin; and there is not one single peer reviewed article that can support claim of a neurotransmitter deficiency in any mental disorder.

So why are people taking drugs that increase Serotonin in the brain for depression?

Recent developments in brain scan technology have actually served to disprove the chemical imbalance theory, as detailed in this article from the University of Cambridge: Imaging study shows dopamine dysfunction is not the main cause of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

People are on Ritalin, Adderall, etc to increase Dopamine in their brains.

Yet, my sister in the US saw this in an MD’s recently….

“Stimulant drugs have been used successfully for over 40 years. It is believed (by who) Ritalin and Adderall restore a chemical imbalance in the areas of the brain that control our ability to focus and pay attention in class”.

It is believed? Where’s the science in this? Where’s the proof?

So why?

Over to you Bill.

Trauma Not Chemical Imbalance

We need to stop defining the meaningless and the vague BPD in the first place, as presented. We are talking about Complex PTSD.

Those with complex PTSD will often go from zero to nuclear in what appears to others as a minor argument.

In reality, what is occurring is that permanent heavy weighted memory is heavily linked into the fight or flight defensive, emotional response.

This literally results in what some describe as looping, the apparent minor argument literally triggers old events, causing the person to relive fight or flight responses, which makes them genuinely feel like they are under attack.

What the other person has to do, is apologize, take the blame (even if they did not start the argument). Basically, take responsibility for not wanting to them to hurt like this.
It pretty much goes against human nature, when confronted by somebody going ballistic, but you have to learn to do this.

You may not be the original cause, but at this point in time you are the cause of them feeling like this as your actions are the trigger.

Sincerely take responsibility, do not refer to the past. Do not rise to the situation (it only makes it worse and establishes stronger weight neurons link directly to you, meaning trust get broken).

They are trusting you as the person to help them find a way out, don’t be the creator of more pain. Your ego cannot come into this, take whatever nastiness is said with a pinch of salt and if need be describe yourself as an arsehole or whatever to emphasise this is your fault.

Above all else, apologise quickly and keep genuinely apologizing.
Using this technique, the person with complex PTSD, can see dramatic drops in outbursts. It does not go away, but also does not dominate as much either.
Do not confuse the reduction in outbursts, with recovery, they deal with these issues from morning to night, there is no rest from it for them. They just become masters at dealing with it.

However, people that are close, can sense the agitated state and pending build up.
Fussing over things, being petty over the littlest of things, hyper happiness etc are all signs that somebody with complex PTSD is having an especially bad day.
When in the ballistic stage, the person with complex PTSD become hypersensitive and it can be extremely difficult to keep up with their train of thought, as their brain is literally running at 10,000 miles an hour to process information, during this fight or flight response.

The weighting of neurons defines the order of storage in the brain, if you can stop these (old programs), from adding new pathways back into current neurons that control emotional response (such as fight or flight), eventually the brain consigns them to their correct weighting. Literally loosening the traumatic events control over new neurological structure.

It is caused by trauma. Not a chemical imbalance.

The USA Is The Real Evil Empire

For decades the USA characterized the USSR as the evil empire but they have their priorities right when it comes to Psychiatry and Psychiatric drugs. They are very suspicious of “ADHD”, “ODD”, BPD and Ritalin, Adderall, SSRI’s, Benzos, and Psychiatry in general.

In contrast the USA…

* Is the largest consumers in the world of Ritalin and Adderall. They take most of it.
* Has up to 30% of kids diagnosed with “ADHD” and over 80% drugged at some point.
* Allows TV programmes where random strangers are told they have ADHD after being asked six questions by “Top” ADHD experts.
* Have Shire experts whooping with joy at the end of the program saying it was the best thing they’d ever paid money for.
* That same “expert” thanked for his insight by drug pushing pharma backed celebrities.
* Have the same “expert” saying “Go and get this diagnosis. Adderall is safer than aspirin”.
* Allow drug adverts on TV.
* Have adverts for lawyers for people damaged by the same drugs they advertise.
* Recognize childhood Bipolar which no other country in the world recognizes.
* Have toddlers being killed due to drugs for Childhood Bipolar.
* Have millions of kids and toddlers on Ritalin, Adderall, SSRI’s and Benzos.
* Have people fired from their jobs in schools for saying 15% kids diagnosed with ADHD and 83% drugged is too high.
* Have Biederman who invented Childhood Bipolar given awards for his work.
* Have an awful healthcare system driven by the profit motive which allows this corruption to flourish.
* Have Congress owned by big pharma.
* Still have booklets in MD’s offices saying human disorders and conditions are caused by a chemical imbalance.
* Has pharma reps in offices, one who tried to get me hooked on SSRI’s.
* Has experts exaggerating how many people have disorders.
* Still has ECT been given out.
* Has TV networks owned by Big Pharma.
* Has politicians bought off by Big Pharma.
* Has insane gun laws.

Despite having lived in the USA until October 1994, I have now mentally and emotionally disowned it. My three children, now aged 45, 41, and 39, were 20, 16 and 14 when I moved. They hated and resented me for it, and did for over six months, but now they can’t think me enough. They are ashamed and embarrassed at the corruption, drugging and bullshit disorders that have been allowed to occur in the USA since.

The US has never ending propaganda telling the population to be afraid of ‘Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Iraq’ – whoever the current target is – while they drug kids, give ECT and do human experimentation on our own people. In the US, people need to learn to think for themselves and not have the mainstream media tell them what to think. I never even watch the mainstream media = we have the Internet now to get our own info.

It isn’t the Russia or Iran or Cuba or Iraq who are the evil empire.

It is the USA.